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About me

A big picture perspective to deliver the detail

I've helped CEOs, Co-founders and Creative Directors realise their vision for over 20 years. I've managed creative and technical talent to deliver award-winning work for world class brands.


​I’m driven by passion and a big picture perspective. By immersing in the process and by working to my core values: authenticity, creativity and freedom.


​My ordinary jobs include being a project manager, producer, executive producer, head of production, production director and head of product. They need me to be direct, task-focused, fast-paced, persuasive and confident. They need me to know a lot about strategy, design, user experience, technology, team management, process and marketing.


​My extraordinary jobs include being an obsessive reader, writer, thinker, constant learner, father, husband and frisbee-thrower. They need me to be honest, insightful, opinionated and often barefoot and beach bound. They've taught me a lot about philosophy, psychology, empathy, personal growth, love and life.

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