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thought so. Contracting

Project-based product & project management skills to get stuff done

thought so Contracting is a project management service to give businesses access to passionate and big picture production skills and delivery of successful products and customer experiences.

I offer agile project planning & management; roadmap & backlog management; product design & development leadership, UX & UAT and design & dev team management.

Engagement is from 1 day per week to full time, as required by the project.

Consulting: Services

Head of Operations, Google Creative Lab

"Tim is the most knowledgeable, clear-sighted and focussed Production Lead I have worked with. He has passion for what he thinks is right and constantly seeks to improve ways of working. He has his finger firmly on the pulse of tech innovation and is a pleasure to work with."

Founder, Hi-ReS!

"What continuously impressed me was his ability and willingness to really own a project, inside out, uniting UI and UX, IA, design and dev by really understanding every single aspect of the project."

Technical Director, Giant

"Tim is a gifted product owner, with a rare combination skills; creativity and empathy, technical practicality and a deep understanding of how digital products are delivered."
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