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thought so. Consulting

Fractional consultancy to seek the challenges and spot the solutions

thought so Consulting is a Fractional Consulting service that allows businesses to benefit from over 20 years of technology, digital transformation, marketing and project management experience without the overheads of full time staff or lengthy consultancy contracts.

I offer 1:1 sessions with business leaders to give a platform for open communication, clarity of thought and actionable insights. The conversation aims to identify the problems that restrict growth and innovation and can cover topics such as vision, values & proposition; disruption & competitive advantage; product & customer experience; technology & tools.

Engagement can be as light touch a few hours per month, shaped entirely to what your business needs.


Mentoring: Services

Founder at Garrod8 Brand Consulting

"When clarity is needed Tim has a unique ability to find a clear path. From product ownership to business planning to marketing strategy I’ve asked Tim in to work across many ventures."

Co-founder at Essential Parent

"Tim is an amazing mixture of inspiring, logical and extraordinarily clever. I've not met a super experienced tech person before who was also so good at strategy & commercials."

Founding Partner at Edge

"Tim joined our team for just over 6 months and in that period he was able to help transform our processes. He brings a huge of amount of experience and was quick to deliver value to clients and staff alike."
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