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Consulting vs contracting vs creating

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

It's taken me a long time to realise what I love about what I do: I love helping people. Wrapped in the pressure of a project launch and the excitement of a product release, hidden in the stress of delivering, are layers of learning and insight that can help others; so long as we can share.

thought so is just that, it's how I share my experience, good and bad, to help businesses thrive and support my own work toward my core values: authenticity, creativity, freedom.

How best to share?

Realising I love to help was a breakthrough, but it left open the question of how best to offer that to others (and yes, earn a living)? I've been lucky enough to work with my good friend, the insanely powerful and inspiring Vashti Whitfield who opened my eyes to to real power of coaching and to help define how I can share and help others: Is it through coaching, consulting, mentoring, lecturing, podcasting, writing?

It could be all of those, I want it to be all of those, but today thought so offers 3 services: mentoring, consulting and creating.


The productivity offering of the 3 P's certainly leans on the models that professional coaches use but thought so Consulting isn't coaching per se. It's Fractional Consulting, domain-expertise (technology, strategy, product, marketing) based on my experience. More importantly, it offers a platform for open and direct conversation that gives clarity of thought and actionable insights to leaders of startups, SMEs and creative agencies - the types of organisations that I've been helping to run for decades.


Where the 1:1 of mentoring is about talking and listening and problem seeking, thought so Consulting is about helping businesses get stuff done. It's using the direct skills I've used to create work for creative agencies in London and Sydney, for brands from D&G to Nokia to Sony to Adidas. It's the experience I used to run a team of super-talented creatives, coders, writers and film-makers for Google Creative Labs. It's all the tools and tricks I used to launch a startup with my brother, the highs and lows, insights and impacts of which I feedback through thought so Mentoring.


If helping is what I love to do, creativity is my fuel. Where thought so Mentoring expresses creativity through talking, listing and problem seeking and thought so Consulting through producing cool stuff, thought so Creating expresses a lifelong desire to live among words: to read, to write, to think. I offer this as copywriting, creative writing and proofreading but, more crucially and productively, I do this to understand the world and stay happy.

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