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Fractional Consultancy

As a Fractional Consultant, I offer businesses a fraction of my time to deliver on a fraction of your needs. It's an incredibly efficient way for business to gain subject matter expertise at the the turn of a tap, rather than the firehose of recruitment and long term contracts. Gaining broad experience across multiple sectors, brands and projects (and yes, getting older) deepens your subject matter expertise and opens up the potential to help more businesses thrive.

Fractional Consulting brings these to elements together by giving clients the open to easy access to expertise that they may have had to nurture over decades themselves, or commit to serious consultation fees. Neither of which fit the agility required in today's markets.

On the flip side, it needs a commitment by the consultant to the precepts of the gig economy, a move away from the old ways of working, of role longevity and golden handshakes and that's something that I've learned to embrace and thrive on.

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