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The three P's

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

I've long used the power of 3 as a mental model the help simplify things and I love alliteration so when it came to explaining what thought so does I fell for the three P's: product, production, and productivity.

Let's take a quick look at what each means...


Product is the thing you're making and promoting, it's the thing your customers buy, subscribe to, download or simply engage with. It's your website, your app, your branded content and the channels you communicate by. It's every touchpoint. Great product delights your customers through the right product/market fit, solving their problems and delivering real value. It does this through value proposition design, user experience design, product design, development and most importantly of all; iteration based on user feedback.

The most important part of product is to listen to the customer, a good idea is just that until it's in their hands.


Production is getting stuff done, managing the resources needed to get your website launched, your MVP tested, your prototype conceived. It's the planning, recruitment and management of projects to deliver your product to market to test that product/market fit and get customer feedback back into the product lifecycle.

The most important part of production is agility, a good plan is a great springboard but harnessing change is critical.


Productivity is optimising people and performance to support product and production activity. It's about using smart thinking and creating positive workplaces that support your company vision and values and drives authentic engagement.

The most important part of productivity is change, making the most of the mental models and theories that you can adopt in order to thrive.

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